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  • 10-2012 We are very excited for the arrival of Ike von der Donauvorstadt SchH3, IPO3, FH1, KKL1 for limited time for stud. details...
  • 10-2012 - Meerhout's Balco has been cast in a movie with Nicholas Cage.
  • 10-2012 Congratulations to Emblaze van Meerhout on receiving her MACH 5. details...
  • 9-2012 - Congratulations to Rob Dunn &Tristan on receiving their BH. Congratulations to James & Kadee on receiving their BH.
  • 2012 - Meerhouts Balco was cast in the movie "Hours" with Paul Walker.
  • 2011 Meerhouts Hexe was cast in an episode of "Common Law" on USA.

Gordon & Blitza a Sirk daughter.

The first GSD in the USA to receive their MACH 6 in agility
(May 2010)

& MACH 7 in agility (April 2011)






We are excited to announce that we have training avaialble for your dog


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The purpose of the van Meerhout German Shepherd breeding program is to produce the finest working German Shepherd dogs in the world. Our program strives for excellence in temperament, health, structure, and natural beauty. The real beauty of these German Shepherds surpasses their physical appearance, and can only truly be seen when watching them perform in one of their many areas of expertise. In order to produce these fine animals, we have imported some of the finest working German Shepherd Dogs in all of Europe. The initial core of our program came from Meerhout, Belgium, and has expanded to include German Shepherd dogs from Germany and Holland. Our innovative program is enhanced by our ongoing study of modern genetics, as well as a veterinary supervised measuring study, to achieve the greatest possible physical performance. The results are German Shepherd puppies with superior minds and bodies that are loyal and very strong in character. Our German Shepherds are versatile as dog sports competitors, family guardians, police dogs and much more. We invite you to experience the spirit and excitement of a van Meerhout German shepherd, as we do every day.