All About Tablecloths

You may not give too much thought to the tablecloth you use, although even if you only use it at Christmas and other special occasions, some materials are better than others. A pvc tablecloth has several benefits, making it a practical addition to your home.

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Easy To Clean

Your tablecloth inevitably attracts dirt and stains after eating, especially if you have small children in your home eating at the table. Perhaps the biggest advantage of a PVC tablecloth is how easy it is to clean; it's simply wiped clean after use with a damp cloth and warm soapy water if needed. It isn't necessary to wash it in the washing machine along with a load of laundry after using it. And of course, it can be cleaned without having to take it off the table; if you have cutlery, cups, serviette holders or other items placed permanently on your tablecloth, it saves time by not having to remove and replace the tablecloth regularly.


This type of tablecloth is long lasting too; as a general rule it can withstand more use than a cotton tablecloth and you may find a good quality pvc cloth for the table lasts you longer than you think. It's also hard to tear PVC, and another big advantage is that it can be used outside, making it ideal for a barbecue in the back garden, or a Saturday picnic day trip. Your tablecloth won't be ruined by the rain, and they are also resistant to sunlight, and less likely to be blown off the table by the wind. They're ideal for large church, sports or social picnics or gatherings. Some tablecloths come with an elasticated band that's designed to keep the tablecloth firmly in place, even during strong winds. So PVC is the obvious choice of material if you enjoy eating outside as much as indoors.

Choice of Styles

pvc tablecloths are widely available in a range of colours and styles, and even the most brightly coloured tablecloth won't fade if you use it in bright sunlight regularly. You can easily find one that matches your existing d├ęcor and colour scheme, or you can go for a tablecloth that's in a bold colour, and tablecloths with seasonal themes such as Halloween and Christmas are available too. It's also easy to find tablecloths made from PVC online, although the hardest part may be choosing from the wide range of options that are available.