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2005 WUSV Schutzhund Championship Havanea, France Jessy Gabriel USA Team Captain

2004 WUSV Schutzhund Championship, Austria Rob Dunn USA Team Captain

2003 WUSV Schutzhund Championship Ravanea, Italy Rob Dunn USA Team captain

2001 WUSV Schutzhund Championship Maribor, Slovania Rob Dunn USA Team Captain

2000 WUSV Schutzhund Championship ..Wavre Belgium Rob Dunn w/ Sierra

2000 FCI Schutzhund Championship Baar, Switzerland Jessy Gabriel w/ Slim

1999 WUSV SchH Championship Baunatal, Germany 100 yr anniversary for GSD Rob Dunn w/ Sirk & Jessy Gabriel w/ Slim

1998 WUSV SchH chapionship, Boston, MA, USARob Dunn & Sirk representing the US








We are a small hobby breeder of working line German Shepherd Dogs in the greater Austin, Texas area. Meerhout shepherds was started by Jerry Wolfe, owner of Triple Crown Dog Academy, in 1994. Since its inception, Rob Dunn and Jessy Gabriel worked very closely with Jerry on selection of breeding stock and all aspects of the program. Jerry has since turned over the reins to us and we are eternally grateful. Without the help of Jerry Wolfe and Triple Crown Dog Academy, we would never have been able to have the opportunity to own and breed some of the finest German Shepherds in the world.

Rob Dunn and Jessy Gabriel have 15+ years of experience breeding, raising, training and competing with German Shepherd dogs. It is truly our passion and our love for this breed that motivates us to keep pushing forward and striving to produce some of the finest dogs in the world. Mental and physical health is our number one criteria. We strive to produce driven, versatile athletes that have good focus and are able to switch from an excited drive state to a calm relaxed demeanor. We believe that our dogs should be able to be top performers in the field and superior family companions in the home.

Our dogs have competed in local, regional, national and World Championship level events many times, so we know what it takes to compete at the top. Some of our dogs patrol the streets at night and keep your neighborhoods safe and drug free as police service dogs. Others are joyful family companions during the day and watchful guardians during the night.

Our Shepherds are versatile as dog sports competitors, family guardians, police dogs, Agility, SAR, Therapy dogs, and much more. We invite you to experience the spirit and excitement of a Meerhout German shepherd, as we do every day. Enjoy our site and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.