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Why is the kennel name Meerhout?

In 1994 we went to Europe in search of the finest German Shepherd Dogs available to start the breeding program. Our quest started out in Belgium, we were brought to a fantastic working dog club in the town of Meerhout, Belgium escorted by our friend Joseph Dyrcks. The people were so friendly and helpful, that we felt it appropriate to name our kennel after the place where we first started our quest.

What is the difference between American and German bred shepherd?

Probably the single biggest difference is character. We strongly believe that a German Shepherd dog should not be afraid of new situations or people and should be able to be taken anywhere without concern for their behavior. As far as physically, our dogs are not over angulated as we are looking for athletic type and dogs with strong heads and bones unlike many of the American Shepherds. We breed to the WUSV (World Union of German Shepherd Dogs) standard. We believe that our dogs should be titled and breed surveyed in order to prove their breed worthiness.

Can a working line (schutzhund) dog make a good family companion?

Dogs, like people, have a wide variety of temperaments. Some are highly active and cannot sit still, while at the other end of the spectrum some are very dull and unmotivated with every combination in between. We believe that the right working line puppy can make a fantastic family companion. Being certified behavior specialists ourselves, we know that dogs of all temperament types can lead a happy, fulfilled life if they are mentally and physically stimulated and have an open line of communication with the owner through proper training. Our goal is to help find the right dog for your situation whether you want a dog for top-level competition training, or a well-adjusted family companion. We will do our best to find the right fit for your lifestyle.


Were do your breeding females live?

We have a very unique way of housing our females. We don’t believe in having our females live in a kennel situation for the rest of their lives because they are breeding females. Our females live in homes with active dog sport handlers. They come to us during the breeding and then a month before they are ready to whelp. They stay with us until the puppies are weened and then they go back to their homes here locally. We see them on a regular basis, as most of the females we have are still actively competing or working in some type of performance event.


What do we feed our puppies and dogs at Meerhout?

We feed two varieties of food. We feed an all-raw natural diet, we also feed kibble and use taste of the wild food. We want our puppies to be raised on the best possible nutrition available to give them the best start possible. For more information on the benefits of raw, natural feeding, check out www.barfdiet.com


Where are you located?

We are located in Taylor, Texas, which is about 20 miles NE of Austin.


What type of home do you require for your dogs?

We entertain all good homes that are interested in our puppies, whether it be working homes, or pet homes. We want our puppies to be part of the family, so we don’t want a home that will have the dog solely living in a back yard left to its own devices. A bored dog is a destructive dog regardless of breed.

Were do you raise your puppies?

Because we only have 2-3 litters a year, we are able to raise our puppies in a home environment to give them the time and attention we feel they need. We concentrate on quality over quantity.


What is temperament testing?

There are many types of standardized temperament tests that breeders use to evaluate their puppies. We do evaluate puppies for temperament @ 7 weeks, this gives us an idea on what that puppy is like on that particular day. More importantly, we live with these puppies and see them all time. This along with 14+ years experience of breeding, raising and training working line German Shepherd dogs we have a very good feel for what the puppies personality is likely to be. We provide owners with a great start to a long fulfilled life with their Meerhout puppy. Having said this, there is no substitution for continued socialization, mental and physical stimulation and communication thought training that the owners MUST provide their puppy upon arrival to their new home. We do our very best to match the best puppy with the best home. Our goal is to find forever homes for our dogs.


How much are one of our puppies?

Our puppies range in the price between $2,000 & $2500 USD


What form of payment do we accept?

We accept cashiers checks & cash. Being a small hobby breeder, we are not set up to accept major credit cards.


Who do I write the check to and where do I send it?

Checks are made out to either Rob Dunn or Jessy Gabriel and sent to 138 Cotton Rows Lane, Taylor, TX 76574.


How do deposits work?

To reserve a puppy, a $450.00 non-refundable deposit is required.

We don’t do a "first come, first serve" type of deposit order. The deposit holds the next puppy available with the temperament and working ability you require.

You can specifically request a male or female. You can request a color preference, however we strongly recommend that you not choose by color but rather by the character of the puppy that is the best fit for your lifestyle. We see many unhappy pet owners of all breeds that choose their particular puppy because of color and ended up with unwanted character traits that will be there for the life of the dog. Do not make the same mistake!
We accept a few deposits before each litter is born.


What is your puppy guarantee?

We want you to be happy with your new Meerhout puppy; this is why we have such an extensive guarantee. Please see the puppy guarantee section of our site Puppy Guarantee


Why do you give a limited registration with your puppies?

Simply put, this is to protect our dogs and bloodlines. We do not want anyone to have the ability to breed one of our dogs that we feel is not breed worthy, or with out proper health certifications (hips/elbows) or breed a dog just to have puppies. If you are interested in a German Shepherd for breeding, we would be happy to work with you along the way. Once your Meerhout shepherd has passed all requirements (working title, hip/elbow certification). We would be happy to consider giving the dog full registration for breeding purposes. Limited registration will in NO WAY effect the ability to enter your dog in performance events.


Can I name my own puppy?

Our kennel name is “van Meerhout” Every litter has a letter that all the pups from that litter start with. Our first litter was “ A----- van Meerhout” next was “ B “ Litter and so forth. We name the puppies in the litter unless you gave us a name that would work. We submit the puppies registration papers with the pups names. You can have a call name of your choosing for the puppies.


Do you Microchip your puppies?

Yes. When you get your puppy, it may have a microchi.
The Micro chip number will be used when you x-ray and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) the dogs hips. At that time the vet should put the number on the x-ray. When the OFA issues a hip registration number, that number will also be tied to the micro chipnumber of your dog.


Shipping Policy

We ship via Air Cargo to any major airport in North America where cargo flights are accepted. We charge a flat rate of $350 for shipping of 8-12week old puppies. Payment is to be made in advance of flight of puppy departure.

We can ship the puppies once they are 8weeks old. Most flight arrangements are for the puppy to leave Austin Airport and arrive based on flight times and your schedule. Due to weather restrictions not all flights are available. If it is too hot or too cold for the puppy then the airlines will put in effect a weather restriction.


My new Meerhout puppy just arrived at it’s new home, now what?

Remember, puppies are learning both good and bad habits right from the moment you bring them home. The biggest key is to be consistent with the house rules, and give your plenty of activity being careful not to over do it. We strongly suggest that your puppy should be taught how to stay in a dog crate. Puppies need to learn how to function on their own right from the beginning to prevent separation anxiety.


Where can I go to get more information on basic training?

You can contact us for training help. We do a limited amount of dogs for training. we would be happy to help you over the phone or by e-mail as part of our ongoing support to you and your new Meerhout puppy! for more training: www.DogWorxAcademy.com


Can you train my puppy for me?

Yes, we do offer a puppy imprinting program for puppies you purchase from us. Please visit our training site www.DogWorxAcademy.com for details. Depending on your individual needs we can work on crate training, house training, and basic puppy imprinting. We can socialize the puppy with people, other dogs, showing them the world. We can start with clicker training and basic imprinting with the sit, down, place, walking with you on a loose leash 7 recall.