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Kiss von der Donauvorstdat
SchH1, KKL1, Hips: "A" Normal & Elbows "A" Fast Normal

| Pedigree |

Kiss is a, German import who is very nicely put together and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. She is a good medium size, dark sable female, with a good head and nice bone strength.


She is line bred 3-3 on Kim vom Lisdorferland who was a extremely strong, dominant male and a super producer. (Also handled and owned by Elmar Mannes) She has extreme food drive, very good toy drive and good pack drive as well.


In protection, she has good active aggression and her nerves are very good as she is environmentally and emotionally sound.


As a mother, she has been wonderful with her puppies. We have a seven month old male from her first litter in our kennel and he is developing nicely. Preliminary x-rays, hips/elbows, look GREAT so we are excited about his future as well.


The father of her first litter was Fax von der Donauvorstadt who is a very strong Sid son. This combination is proving to be very nice so far! Thanks again to the Strazzeri family for allowing us to have this wonderful female here in Texas with us.


Kim van Meerhout
RH1, BH, AD, Hips and elbows "A" Normal

| Pedigree |


Kim van Meerhout is a daughter from our Balco vom Konigs Wolf SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL1 (national competitor). She is mentally and environmentally sound in all situations and her drives are to die for. she is an agilie dog that likes all types of work. She excelles in Schutzhund. she also worked in scent detection & SAR training. She does have an "off switch" which makes her nice to live with when she is not on the sports field.

Kim has been in a few movies & TV shows:

Trooper 2012 pilot tv show

Movie "Joe" with Nicholas Cage coming out in 2013

2 episodes in the NBC TV show " revolution" 2013


Kim is working on her IPO1, Nosework, Disk training and dock diving.


Kim is a dog that enjoys all kinds of work.




Yemaja ( Britt) van Meerhout(retired)
SchH1, OFA: Good Elbows: Normal

| Pedigree |

Britt is the Ugo vom Burenswald SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL2 LBZ ( 2001 WUSV competitor) daughter and Slim van Lummenhof SchH3, IPO3, FH, KKL1 LBZ (2x World championship competitors) granddaughter that we have chosen to carry on this fantastic bloodline. She is a very attractive Black and Tan female with a wonderful disposition. She is very sound and friendly in every situation. She is true to the Slim/Link bloodline and carries those working characteristics often seen with this bloodline. Her protection work is fantastic as she shows excellent power in her work. We look forward to carrying on this bloodline through her progeny. At home, Britt is a calm, relaxed family companion, but on the sports field, she is full of energy, drive and power. Watch for her puppies to become top sports competitors in all performance arenas. Britt is started working on her SAR training

Envy van Meerhout
BH, AD Hips & Elbows: A Normal

| Pedigree |

Envy van Meerhout: Envy is a striking Bi-color female with a harmonious structure. She is a very nice all around dog who loves to do anything. She is a wonderful working dog who has super ball drive and food drive. She is quick and obedient to her handler, loves people and is good with other dogs.


In the protection phase, she has natural aggression to the helper and has a hard, full and calm grip. Her long attack is impressive. She adjusts well to new situations and takes them in stride. When she is not working, she is a calm, sweet dog who loves to be with her family as a watchful companion.

Aline von der Wolfsmilch (RIP)
SchH3, FH, KKL1, Hips a- normal

| Pedigree |


Aline is a German Import and a direct daughter of the super producer, Ellute von der Mohnwiese. Aline is a rare female that has it all in our opinion.

She is a healthy, beautiful dark sable female with an intense expression and the temperament to back it up. She has a super hunt drive for tracking; she is agile, fast and energetic in the obedience phase. In protection, she is very dominant and has a lot of active aggression.

This is a rare female that could be a dual purpose police dog. When she is not working, she is a fun loving dog with a lot of personality. She is great with kids and she has a safe and secure nature in all environments. We are truly blessed to have a one of a kind female like her for our program.

Aline is qualified for the 2009 USA Schutzhund National

Aline was highest scoring dog from SCR region and received the XX trophy @ the 2009 USA national.

* Aline qualified for the 2010 USA Schutzhund National in Reno