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V- Tristan von haus Pixner (2015 USCA - Universal Sieger)
IPO3, KKL1, Hips & elbows: "A" Normal

| Pedigree |


Tristan, is a handsome, good medium size male with pronounced secondary sex characteristics with beautiful dark sable pigment. He is V rated (excellent) in conformation. He received this rating at the 2015 USCA Sieger show where he earned the accolade of Universal Sieger. Tristan represented the United States at the 2015 WUSV (world Union of German Shepherd dogs) Universal Sieger World Championship held in Campogallino, Italy.

Above all, Tristan is a very strong and confident working dog showing pronounced drives in all phases of his work. He is a competitive working dog that could easily be a serviceable police dog. He has competed in club, regional, national and international championships in his working career with his best result being 100-94-97 (291 out of 300 points).

Although fairly independent, he is guidable with fair, clear and consistent training and handling. He is loving with his immediate family and aloof with strangers but will not back down when challenged. He can be trusted with puppies, other socialized dogs, cats and livestock.

He is from the well known Haus Pixner kennel in Austria and came to us through our good friends Elmar Mannes and Jochen Prall. His drives are relentless in work but he has a perfect "off switch" that makes him a very good house dog. He is very environmentally sound which makes him a dream for traveling. So far, the puppies from him are showing a lot of these same characteristics. Please let us know if there are any questions that we can answer for you regarding this very powerful male.


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SG Balco vom Konigswolf
SchH3, FH1, KKL1, Hips OFA Good

| Pedigree |

Balco is a masculine, dark sable male with great bone, nice structure and a beautiful head. He is a fantastic working dog with extreme drive for all phases of the Schutzhund sport. His hunt drive is absolutely super and he has natural ability for the tracking phase. His food and toy drives are off the chart, and he is extremely fast and athletic in the obedience phase. Powerful best describes Balco in the protection phase. He is a very balanced dog with good active aggression in barking, and he demonstrates hard, full and calm grips. He is definitely a product of his fantastic pedigree! When not working, he is absolutely calm, very social and stable in every situation. Balco has the total package, and we look forward to competing with him in the upcoming years, and seeing his puppies mature into top dog sports competitors, as well as stable family companions.

* Balco received his FH1 with 94 points

* Received his SchH2 with a ( 100-88-96)

* Balco qualified for the 2010 USA Schutzhund National in Reno

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SG Fratz vom Kleinen Schutz (RIP)
SchH3, IPO3, FH2, KKL1, OFA Good

| Pedigree |

Fratz is a substantial, gorgeous dark sable male with good bone and a super expression.

Fratz is an all around special dog. In tracking, he is calm and secure; obedience is a dream with an excellent balance of drives and guide ability. His protection work is special. He has a lot of active aggression in the barking phases and has a very hard, full grip.

He is completely social in non-working settings. His pedigree is to die for! OFA Good hips/elbows. Look for this very nice dog to do extremely well at high-level Schutzhund competitions in the near future.

Fratz received his SchH3 (100-92-99=291 V)

*Fratz Qualified for 2008 USA GSD National w/ V score of 289

* Received his FH1 with a perfect score of 100 points

* Received his FH2 with an excellent score of 96 points

* Fratz qualified for the 2010 USA Schutzhund National in Reno


| Fratz Video | Protection Video |