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Rob and Jessy

First, I want to say that breeding is an art, and not many can do it. It takes great timing and planning and you have to throw some luck in there too. VanMeerhout Shepherds have consistently bred some really nice dogs. I am very proud to own one. Dago Van Meerhout, is something special and he is certainly a dog that will be a force to come in the sport.. I think that we will accomplish many great heights just as many other dogs from your kennel. Keep an eye out us....

Thank You

Richard Wheeler ( Dago Van Meerhout)

President of South Metro Atlanta SchH Club

Thank you for the dog of my dreams! Riki (Glorreich van Meerhout: Slim van Lummenhof X Trixi vom Bolkerhof) is everything I asked for and more! When I contacted you about a new partner for Search and Rescue I never imagined that you could provide me such a perfect match. Riki is incredibly sound for the demanding work we do. She can go all day long and still ask for more. You did a great job matching her talents to the work we do... WHAT a nose she has!!! And talk about drive! Her reward for a job well done is a retreive game, which she will do all day; but, she is not prey crazy- she has a great deal of self-control. But even without the reward, her hunt drive and work ethic keep her going when the going gets tough. Riki learns quickly, recovers from corrections without being too hard, and she just never quits trying. Hunt, prey, play, and social... the drives are all there in the right amounts. For fun we play at agility, and fun it is with a dog like Riki. Q's and placement (lots of blues!) ribbons grace our walls, despite those pesky border collies, even (especially!) in the Jumpers class. Speed, quickness and teamwork allow us to excel. And when you can do 12 weave poles in under three seconds, well, you have a leg up on the competition! And we are not working or playing Riki is a great family dog. What a program you have! Breeding sound, intelligent, beautiful dogs and matching them so well to their homes! Thanks again!!

Patricia Riley
owner/handler of Glorreich van Meerhout

The complete package!! Looks, health, working ability, temperament. From the pet life to the World Champioship- What more can you ask for?

Dave Kroyer,
owner/handler of Dax van Meerhout

Van Meerhout is the only breeder in the world I know that can offer such quality dogs and follow up with such a complete range of services. They bred two fantastic working dogs with great pedigrees, raised the puppies and exposed them to cats, knowing that my wife already had a cat, and then selected the perfect dog for my wife and me. My wife had never really been around dogs, so she wanted a sweet and loving dog, while I wanted a working dog to train for Schutzhund and a variety of other activities. Rob and Jessy not only bred and selected the perfect dog for us, but have helped us with personalized training to help us all reach our potential. When we have to travel and can't take our dog with us, Triple Crown and Van Meerhout cares for our dog, continues training her, and even bathes her for us. The Van Meerhout approach enabled us to have not only a really good dog, but a great dog.

Tom Carter,
owner/handler of Napali "Captain" van Meerhout

I bought a Steff & Trixie Daughter back in June of 2000. She has been the best female I have worked with. Very hard in protection. Learns quickly and is smart. She's a natural tracker. She has her SchHIII and KKL1. She is also very patient with kids and other animals. I'm very pleased with her and the van Meerhout Kennels.

Dianne Davis
Juturna von Meerhout SchH3 KKL1 AD CGC
Consus v.d. Daelenberghutte
Astarte vom Dopheide
Vom Dopheide Shepherds

For over the past seven years, I have been a client of Van Meerhout Kennels. I have purchased multiple dogs from Van Meerhout, and with each and every one I have always been more than satisfied. I have even purchased dogs sight unseen, just on the word of Jessy Gabriel. Anyone considering a Van Meerhout German Shepherd, buy with confidence, and rest assured that you are getting a quality German Shepherd from some of the TOP People in the Dog Business.

Owner of many fine Van Meerhout German Shepherds......

Thank you Jessy Gabriel & Rob Dunn for all your help over the years,and the years to come.

This dog came to me a few years ago from a very good friend of mine in Mossouri, Carla Simmons (thanks Carla). He was not the best dog to handle and many might have given up on him, but he had so much drive and is loaded for work. What should I do with him, I said to myself. Well Schutzhund, silly...That is what he is bred to do. Then I said he is bred for work and he had already been started in all three phases of Schutzhund, so I just continued to work with him. I attended a seminar later in Arkansas with Franz Slamen. Franz said to me he wished he could find a hundred more just like him and he would make a great police dog. On the way home I kept thinking about how the dog has the ability to work. The next day I started the ball rolling and contacted a friend in the police department and he told me of some ways one could do police work, etc. We are now working the streets finding narcotics. Ike is used by the Police Department in Louisiana and has had many calls for car and man searches. The State Police have also called us out to assist other local law enforcements.

PTL Peter Betchley
K-9 Handler LPD
Owner/Handler of Ikai (Ike) van Meerhout